Finding the Best Residential Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens in Fullerton, California

Adolescents in need of professional therapeutic care and adult supervision can find the help they need at a Residential Treatment Center (RTC). These programs are designed to assist troubled teens with issues such as drug addiction, mental health services, and more. Many insurance companies may cover some or all of the treatment costs, making it easier for parents to seek help for their children. Stillwater is one of the top therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment programs, wildlife programs, and behavioral health programs that work with troubled teens.

Most of the Partial Hospitalization (PHP) programs in Fullerton, California provide high-level structure and safety in addition to intensive treatment. This process includes dual-credit post-secondary courses that allow students to earn secondary and higher education credits simultaneously. It's important to note that any treatment covered by insurance will reduce the overall cost of treatment. Adolescents admitted to the PHP program go home at the end of the day but remain under close supervision until they return the next morning.

The residential part of the program is essential for achieving lasting change. Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) programs are considered a typical “gradual” postoperative treatment option for those recently discharged from an acute partial hospitalization program or those recently hospitalized in Fullerton, California. We suggest only considering treatment programs in Fullerton, California that usually work with leading health insurance providers. The best treatment programs will cover a large part of your adolescent's treatment, including mental and behavioral treatment provided through day treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, intensive hospitalization, partial hospitalization, and residential treatment. IOPs for adolescents based in Fullerton, California are also considered a viable “intensified program” that offers a higher level of intensive treatment for adolescents who were unsuccessful with an outpatient treatment program.