Unlock the Opportunities for Parents to Get Involved in Youth Programs in Fullerton, California

Are you a parent looking for ways to get involved in the youth programs in Fullerton, California? If so, you're in luck! There are a variety of opportunities available for parents to get involved and help their children reach their full potential. The city of Fullerton offers a variety of recreation program scholarships for qualifying youth aged 18 and under. These programs include Parent and Me, Tiny Tot, and a 5-level experience for children from around Orange County. The sports performance improvement camp (for athletes who enroll between 7th and 12th grade in the fall) focuses on speed, agility, strength training and physical conditioning, and provides young people with personal training instruction to achieve a higher level of sports performance.

The Associate Students at Cal State Fullerton provide members of the campus community with significant social, cultural, and recreational opportunities, as well as a wide range of programs and services. One such program is Project MISS, a four-week program that helps high school girls going to college and who have difficulties in math. Last year, the SRC saw an increase in enrollment, with 1,200 children ages 4 to 12 joining the 9-week program. The instructors and tutors, all women, engage them in a variety of fun and practical activities such as creating team logos and posters of “math girls”, solving problems with comic stories, and participating in a treasure hunt around the campus. Cal State Fullerton is also committed to positively impacting young people in local communities.

For the past two years, the human services specialist has dedicated Saturdays to tutoring high school students as part of a federally funded program that prepares at-risk youth for college. The program began at Sycamore and South High Schools in Anaheim and has moved to Katella, Loara and Anaheim High Schools. As a parent, you have the power to unlock these amazing opportunities for your children. Whether it's introducing disadvantaged children to the outdoors or helping high school students develop a higher education plan, there are plenty of ways for parents to make a difference in their children's lives. Take advantage of these amazing opportunities available in Fullerton, California! Get involved today and help your children reach their full potential.