Unlocking Educational Opportunities for Youth in Fullerton, California

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs at Fullerton, California is devoted to providing educational chances for the youth in the area. The individual in this position is responsible for creating and teaching introductory and core courses of the single-subject Credentials Program, with a particular emphasis on adolescent development and inclusion. Unfortunately, young people in custody in Orange County have limited access to post-secondary education and counseling activities. To address this issue, the Faculty and Department of Secondary Education offer programs for those who want to pursue a career in secondary and secondary education (single-subject credential) and for those who want to pursue a graduate degree in secondary education.

The INCLUSIVE certificate is one such program that focuses on helping teachers understand human diversity in all its forms, deepen cultural competence in the classroom and workplace, and gain knowledge about the wide range of diversity issues. Through partnerships with the County Juvenile Justice Court and Project Kinship, Project Rebound brings young people involved in the system to the CSUF campus and to Project Rebound's housing and community center initiative, the John Irwin House. This provides them with an immersive university environment surrounded by ambassadors who share their lived experiences and can motivate and support them in their post-secondary educational journeys. In addition to teaching, this person is also responsible for producing scholarships and creative works that contribute to the department and the profession in accordance with tenure requirements.

This includes a specific focus on adolescent development for diverse young people and the use of disability studies to examine, question and inform inclusion practices in general education classrooms.